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        Loan Programs



Loan Type:       Long Term:
                          5 to 30 Years

Interest Rates:
    Adjustable and Fixed Rate loans

Collateral Requirements:
1st mortgage on real estate required.  Chattels on
    operations such as dairy / poultry or properties with pivot irrigation
    systems can be taken as additional collateral.

Loan Size Limitations:
   Loan amounts are limited by Board discretion.
      Current limit is $1,200,000.

Eligible Purposes:
   Buy land, irrigation equipment & wells, build or repair farm buildings,
   purchase equipment and machinery, build farm ponds, establish
   permanent pasture, establish livestock operations, refinance debts,
   specialized buildings for poultry, swine, dairy & beef operations.

Loan Application:
pdf  Loan Checklist
   pdf  Credit Inquiry Letter
   pdf  Loan Application

pdf  GDA Scholarship

This information should only be used as a reference.  The information reflected above is not "all inclusive".  More specific details regarding individual applications will be provided by the Administrative Office in Monroe, Georgia or by the Branch Location serving your respective county.